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Skwirk is the only website that covers all the core subjects taught in Australian Primary and Secondary schools. We cover:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Science
  • History
  • Geography
  • Commerce / Economics


More than just text

Skwirk knows that you need more than text to learn. That’s why the Skwirk site is filled with animations, videos, images, podcasts, activities and quizzes.

Learn and earn

Everything you do on the Skwirk site can help you earn points and unlock achievements. Use points to upgrade your avatar in the Skwirk store, and watch your name rise up the state and national leaderboards. There will be prizes each month for our top Skwirkers! 

Student Tour and Testimonials
Skwirk and Flexible Learning
Skwirk and Flexible Learning
Australian Students
What are Australian students saying about Skwirk?
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"I like the exams, podcasts and the highlighter tool. All the information is relevant and condensed...no need to search through irrelevant stuff"
- Will, Year 10 student
"The English work is good. The units of work are what is actually taught"
- Glenn, Secondary English Teacher.
"This is an excellent tool for students to use for revision"
- Jess, Secondary English and geography teacher.
"I love your site, I did a history exam at school and I came 3rd in the class!!!!! Thanks a lot Skwirk"
- Brittany, Year 7 Student.
"Our aim is to allow students to extend their digital experience outside the classroom and we believe that Skwirk offers the opportunity. Teachers have been able to use the animations, interactive learning objects and videos on the interactive whiteboards with students having access to those same resource both in class and at home."
- Seamus O`Grady, Director of Curriculum, CEO Syndey.
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