Skwirk Covers Multiple Subjects

  • We provide coverage of all of the main subjects (Maths, English, History, Geography, Science and Commerce) in one safe and easy to access location.
  • Skwirk is used by over 200,000 students and 9,000 teachers at more than 800 schools.

Kids actually enjoy using Skwirk.

  • Skwirk helps your child reach their potential by providing them with educational resources that engage them.
  • Our content caters to different learning styles, and is proven to improve grades whilst making learning fun.
  • Skwirk contains thousands of animations, videos, exams, podcasts, games, activities, quizzes and worksheets, ensuring we cater to all learning styles.
  • Find out what Students are saying about Skwirk: Click Here.

The weekly cost of Skwirk is less than the price of a small bottle of water.

  • The Annual Subscription Fee is only £25; that’s about £2.10/month.
  • Included in this fee you will also receive regular reports keeping you up to date with your child's activity and progress using Skwirk (available for Year 3 and above).



Parent Tour and Testimonials
Skwirk Parent Tour
Find out all about how to use Skwirk as a parent.
Skwirk and Flexible Learning
Skwirk and Flexible Learning
Australian Students
What are Australian students saying about Skwirk?
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